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Girls dinner (vegetarian)

More and more people become aware of ecology and environment. Overproduction of meat to the western world is a growing problem and luckily there is a growing interest and attention on this problem. More people are trying to live more vegetarian, myself included. I made this dinner for a large group of women to inspire and show how much you can get out of food not involving meat! The problem is in fact quite often that people do not feel they are full or that there are enough choices for delicious vegetarian food! The dinner took place in late November, not the most fruitful season, and I love to cook with native seasonal ingredients so that was the factor that inspired me.

The dinner was a success, all were full, happy and inspired.



Crispy beet leaves with mustard and dried yoghurt

Fermented kohlrabi, horseradish cream, and onion cress  

Sea buckthorn pickled carrots, purée of pink grape and hibiscus roses, and crispy bread



Oatmeal porridge, brown butter chestnuts, fried cep mushroom,  fermented sunflower seeds,

A “salty” ferm cheese  

Nettle purée

Raw and fried jerusalem artichokes     



Brown onions, beets baked in salt, raw sour apples, wrapped in burnt cabbage, glazed in an apple gastric, waste sauce

Crispy potato and chive crumble

Potato and leek soup, sprinkled with chive oil as a sauce    


Untraditional cheese serving

Hot siphon on creamy goat cheese, pickled small beetroots with licorice root, black pepper and beetroot juice

Sweet glaze on the pickle juice and prunes bullion

bread and licorice crumble   



Black currant and red wine poached pears, vanilla creme, salty malt crumble, strawberry sorbet, and red sorrel


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