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Luncheon for Danish Design Center at SPACE10

In connection with a book release event hosted by Space 10 and with guests from the Danish Design Center, I was hired to make a lunch. John Thackara had written a new book, How To Thrive In The Next Economy, which is about a more sustainable future a.o. My idea was therefore to create a lunch focused on the environment and I chose two big factors on the unsustainable list of ways we produce and consume today: Food waste and overproduction of meat.  

Therefore, in this project I worked primarily with vegetables with the exception of a little bit of milk and butter in the soup. My inspiration came from my own experiences with too much food left in the fridge without being used, and what I have been able to grow in my window sill and balcony.

It was also important for me to have an element of fun and interaction, which I implemented by letting the guests design their own plates, picking their own herbs and serving the soup themselves from watering cans.


The salad

Boiled new Danish potatoes

Radishes and carrot crudité

Watercress, chickweed and celery leaves

Vinaigrette with pickled mustard seeds

The soup

A puréed soup of jerusalem artichokes and potatoes, a bullion on the “waste” and a bit of milk and butter.

Served sprinkled with ramsons oil  

Soup garniture

Pickled red onions and pearl onions

Burned and baked shallots  

Half a celeriac baked in salt dough

Crumbles of rye bread and of salted sunflower and pumpkin seeds

Onion cress

And Sourdough wheat bread on the side

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